Divorce May Hit Wealthy Kids Harder

Sep 24, 2014

As reported by The Huffington Post, a recent study has concluded that parental separation and divorce has a more of a negative impact on children from wealthy families.  Researchers from Georgetown University and the University of Chicago conducted the study. They examined nearly 4,000 children by reviewing data from a survey conducted by the Department of Labor Statistics and by interviewing their mothers over time. 

The study did not focus on why parental separation and divorce has a greater impact on children from wealthy families.  However, the researchers suggested two possible causes.  First, the researchers suggested that because fathers, often breadwinners in high-income families, are typically the ones to leave the family home when the parents separate, wealthy children may be more impacted by a drop in income or need to move.  Second, they suggested that because divorce occurs less frequently in high-income families, it could impact wealthy children more than those in low or middle-income families.  Nevertheless, the study found that the negative impact of divorce was lessened when the child’s parent brought in a stepparent.  

Divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining for many families.  It often involves a change in the family’s income, physical living situation, or a child’s contact with their parents.  Furthermore, the stress that parents feel when getting divorced is often visible to their children.  While the study suggests that parental separation and divorce has more of a negative impact on children from wealthy families, the researchers noted that all families are different and that the study is not applicable to every situation.

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