Imagine Going on a Weekend Getaway…To Get Divorced!

Sep 18, 2014

As was recently reported on Huffington Post, a new phenomenon is springing up in various cities, both internationally and in the United States.  “Divorce hotels” allow couples to attend a weekend getaway at a nearby resort where they participate in mediation sessions in order to resolve issues surrounding their divorce.  In between sessions, the parties are free to go to the spa, the pool, or enjoy any other amenities that their resort may offer.  The question is: can parties mediate their divorce and solve all of their issues in just one weekend?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution where the parties meet with a neutral third-party in order to resolve their divorce and related issues.  The agreement reached in mediation is not binding, unless the parties agree for it to be.  Typically, mediation occurs in a relaxed environment where the parties are free to discuss their issues openly.  It often costs less and is less time consuming than traditional litigation.   

In some situations, parties that get along and are able to compromise may be able to mediate their divorce in a day or two.  Other parties, however, may need extensive settlement negotiations and a weekend trip simply won’t solve all of the problems surrounding their divorce.

Though “divorce hotels” may seem like an attractive phenomenon, they may not only add cost to the process of mediation, but may not work for many parties.  If you are going through a divorce and want to attempt a more traditional mediation session to settle disputes with your partner, the experienced attorneys at Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC can help.  Not only do we offer mediation services with highly skilled mediators, but we also attend mediation with our clients.  Call us today at 973-274-5200 for more information or to schedule a mediation session.