Jury Awards $9.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

Nov 05, 2014
Paul M. da Costa

All too often, doctors make mistakes with life-altering consequences.  While mistakes are a normal part of human behavior, there can literally be life-threatening consequences when a doctor treating a patient makes the mistake.  In one recent case reported by The Boston Globe, a woman was awarded $9.5 million when her doctor failed to detect her ovarian cancer at an early stage, causing it to progress.

Cristen Lebel saw Dr. Kim Thornton at a Boston fertility clinic.  Lebel later filed a lawsuit against Dr. Thornton alleging that Dr. Thornton negligently failed to detect her ovarian cancer over the course of a year of treatment.  Because of this, Lebel is now being treated for stage 3 advanced ovarian cancer, which will most likely lead to a premature death.

While Dr. Thornton’s lawyers may appeal the judgment, the sad fact is that regardless of the legal proceedings, Lebel’s life and that of her family has been severely affected by Dr. Thornton’s negligence.  Lebel not only has decreased energy levels as a result of chemotherapy treatment but also knows little about how long her current treatment will remain effective.

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