Lead Poisoning

Jun 01, 2016
Paul M. da Costa

Lead is known to severely impact a child and their development.  Recently in Newark, New Jersey, there have been higher levels of lead in some of Newark’s schools.  It is unclear how long the kids in these schools have been exposed to the lead.  Governor Chris Christie and the Department of Environmental Protection have been working directly with Newark schools to take care of the problem.

Gov. Christie reported to everybody in the area to remain calm because it is not a crisis.  They are doing everything they can to prevent such crisis.  Schools have now shut off their water and have only been using bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Newark will now test up to 17,000 children for lead poisoning.  The City Health Director, Hannaa Hamdi, says that they will begin the blood testing with 2,000 toddlers from childhood centers.  There is no specific date to when this process will begin.

The Department of Environmental Protection has not found lead contamination in the city’s water supply, therefore the elevated levels of lead could be from the lead pipes or fixtures from buildings.

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