Michael J. Weil and Kiera Kenniff to Serve on Fee Arbitration Committee

Sep 22, 2022

Michael J. Weil, Esq. and Kiera E. Kenniff, Esq. have been selected by the Attorney Ethics of the Supreme Court of New Jersey to serve a four year term on the Fee Arbitration Committee. Michael will be serving on the District XIII13 Fee Arbitration Committee, serving Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties, and Kiera will be serving on the Bergen County District IIB Fee Arbitration Committee.

District fee arbitration committees through New Jersey are maintained by volunteers, with the goal of resolving, through binding arbitration, disputes over attorney fees. Fee arbitration is impartial and inexpensive, and the arbitration process is typically resolved more quickly than a court case. The fee arbitration process may be less stressful for all involved, since it is less formal and designed to bring matters towards their conclusion in a straightforward, time-saving, and efficient way.

To learn more about the New Jersey fee arbitration process, please visit Office of Attorney Ethics (njcourts.gov).