New Regulation of Recreational Off-Road Vehicles

Dec 08, 2014
Paul M. da Costa

A recreational off-road vehicle (ROV) is a motorized vehicle essentially used for transportation through woods or grass and is not meant to be driven on streets or highways.  ROVs are similar to all-terrain vehicles (ATV) in this sense.  The two vehicles, however, have many differences.  An ROV is more similar to a car with gas and brake pedals, a steering wheel, and bench or bucket seats.  An ATV, however, typically has handle levers for braking and gas, handle bars, and straddle seating. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently announced that it will be instituting stricter regulations on ROVs, according to  The CPSC believes that ROVs have many safety concerns, and thus are planning to implement safety rules regarding “lateral stability, vehicle handling, and speed controls.”  According to the report, the public will have 75 days to submit opinions regarding the proposed regulations. 

Although the CPSC is now trying to make ROVs safer, they still likely pose hazards.  If you or a loved one was injured on an ROV because of a lack of safety measures on the vehicle, you may have a personal injury claim.  Call the experienced attorneys at Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC for an evaluation of your claim.