NHTSA Orders Airbag Manufacturer to Submit Records Regarding Defect

Nov 05, 2014
Paul M. da Costa

Amid criticism that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is not doing enough to combat the recent problem of defective airbags in millions of cars, the New York Times reported that NHTSA has ordered the airbag manufacturer, Takata, to submit records and answer questions under oath regarding the defect.  We previously blogged about the problem—airbags that spontaneously explode sending metal shards throughout the vehicle—and its effect on millions of cars and automakers. 

The most recent move by NHTSA to combat the problem is requesting records regarding production and testing of the airbags, any communications with automakers about the defect, and specifics of any lawsuits against Takata regarding the airbags.  Prior to this request, NHTSA had simply asked car manufacturers and Takata for information regarding the defect, whose compliance was less than forthcoming.  The recent order, however, will subject Takata to monetary penalties if the order is not complied with by its December 1st deadline and criminal penalties if answers are not truthful or questions are not answered at all.

This order comes directly after the Transportation Department and Congress had begun investigating NHTSA’s actions in correcting the airbag defect, which we have previously blogged about.  Takata’s compliance with NHTSA’s order will hopefully shed further light on the problem and spur more efforts to fix the issue.

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