Paul M. da Costa Secures $1 Million Settlement In Orthopedic Surgery Medical Malpractice Case

Mar 09, 2016
Paul M. da Costa

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Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC partner, Paul M. da Costa, and his client recently obtained a $1 million settlement in an orthopedic surgery medical malpractice case. Paul’s client, NM, alleged that the Defendant orthopedic surgeon failed to timely diagnose and treat cauda equina syndrome following a lumbar fusion surgery. Paul’s deposition of the Defendant orthopedic surgeon lead to several admissions by the Defendant that made it quite clear that the standard of care was not satisfied. As a result of the Defendant’s delay in diagnosing and treating NM’s cauda equina syndrome, NM suffers with permanent urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence and lower extremity weakness. The $1 million settlement reflects non-economic damages in the form of physical pain and suffering, disability, impairment and loss of enjoyment of life. NM did not allege any economic losses. The $1 million settlement represents the Defendant orthopedic surgeon’s full medical malpractice insurance coverage for the case.