Paul da Costa Obtains $6.2M Settlement for Outbreak at Wanaque Center

Nov 23, 2021

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Partner Paul da Costa obtained a $6.2 million settlement for the families affected by the tragic adenovirus outbreak that took the lives of 11 children and injured 25 at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation back in 2018. Mr. da Costa represented 13 families whose children either died or became severely ill as a result of the outbreak.

According to investigators, the adenovirus spread rapidly in part because of the former owner’s negligence in their infection control procedures, such as hand washing, as well as delays in hospitalizing and isolating the infected children.

This serious and sad incident inspired the creation of a new state law designed to prevent future tragedies. Signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy in August of 2019, this bill now requires long-term care facilities to isolate and separate sick and “at-risk” residents from the healthy population. The bill also requires such facilities to submit outbreak response plans to the state.

When speaking to, Mr. da Costa said, “This was a siren call for what the world needed to be prepared for when the pandemic hit. It showed that all long-term facilities needed to take their duty and obligation all the more seriously and remember it is something that should never be betrayed.”

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