Paul M. da Costa Quoted in Article, “Phil Murphy Salutes the Revolutionary War. But What About NJ’s COVID-19 Dead?”

Dec 02, 2022

December 1, 2022

By Charles Stile |

Democrats move to cover their flank

Democrats are adopting the same cover-their-flank strategy again for next year’s elections, which will determine control of the Assembly and the state Senate.

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Damage control for a possible candidate for president 2024? Not out of the realm of possibility. Explaining away botched care for veterans is not the kind of baggage you want to bring to the barbecues of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Also looming out there is more litigation. Paul da Costa, a Roseland attorney who represented more than 100 families of residents who died at the state-run veterans homes, is now handling 41 lawsuits on behalf of employees who worked at the facilities.

Depositions and “other tools of discovery, will, without a doubt, obtain information that … will lead to giving my clients and the public answers to what exactly happened,” da Costa said.

At Tuesday’s event at Washington Crossing State Park, Murphy reflected on the importance of understanding history. It could have served as an ironic mission statement for the review that he authorized the day before.

“Over the past several decades, we have come to recognize that bulldozing our past is really no way to move into our collective future,” he said at the park. “If we can’t recognize where we came from, we really won’t be able to know where we are going.”

More than 2½ years after the start of the outbreak, there’s still a lot of history to be discovered.

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