Quarantine Leading to a Divorce? Top 3 Things to Know:

May 11, 2020

While “COVID divorce” may not yet be a term that people use, there likely will be a surge in couples calling it quits after extended time in the house together and the financial and parental stress involved. In fact, other countries have seen such a surge upon a relaxation of social distancing. If you think you may be one of these couples, know you are not alone and there are professionals available to help you navigate the next steps. Here are some things to think about now.

1) You can initiate a divorce during quarantine and while still living together. In fact, most couples going through a divorce, when not in a global pandemic, continue to reside together. It is not easy, but keeping separate bedrooms (if possible), going for long walks, and zoom happy hours with friends, may keep you more sane. The courts are open and the divorce process may be initiated. Mediation is a great tool that can also take place via zoom. Every case and situation is different. Find a quiet place, go for a drive, or walk, away from the earshot of your spouse, and contact an attorney to find out the best way for you to proceed.

2) With time on your hands, getting a solid grasp of all of your financials, both assets, debts, and regular expenses, should definitely be on your to do list. Take the time to look up your accounts, find your tax returns, make a budget of your expenses. These are all very important so that you know what the assets and debts to divide are at the time of divorce as well as a realistic view of the funds you will need to live on going forward.

3) The stress and constant presence of a spouse or significant other can be a breeding ground for domestic violence. If there are any issues involving domestic violence in your home, contact the police immediately. The courts are open, domestic violence restraining orders are being processed. Seek help now.

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