Senators Urge Regulation of E-Cigarette Labels

Oct 14, 2014
Paul M. da Costa

We have previously blogged about the current debate over e-cigarettes and their regulation.  As was recently reported by the New York Times, the debate continues, and six senators have recently reached out to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calling for stricter regulations on e-cigarettes.  In particular, the senators have asked for “stronger warning labels on e-cigarettes.” 

Because e-cigarettes are relatively new on the market, their long-term effects are unknown.  While proponents urge that e-cigarettes are a tool to help longtime smokers quit cigarettes, it is questionable whether e-cigarettes may not also be a gateway for young adults to begin using cigarettes. 

In their letter, the senators discuss an article describing the current labeling used by e-cigarette and tobacco companies.  Large tobacco companies that also sell e-cigarettes sometimes have extensive labels on their e-cigarette products.  Smaller e-cigarette companies, however, have less severe warning labels, or some even advertise the benefits of e-cigarettes.

While the FDA has proposed regulations on the labeling of e-cigarettes, the senators don’t believe the required labeling is extensive enough.  The current regulation will require e-cigarettes to contain a label that states, “This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”  The senators, however, call for more descriptive labels.  This call for reform is part of the senators’ larger plan for regulating e-cigarettes, which includes calls for reform of packaging and marketing of e-cigarettes.

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