Airbag Recall Expanded

Jul 07, 2014
Paul M. da Costa

Various major car manufacturers have recently reported a recall of some of their vehicles because of airbags that could spontaneously explode, sending pieces of metal flying through the air. The airbags, manufactured by the Japanese corporation Takata, have been installed in millions of cars and their recall could affect millions of vehicle owners. Currently, the recall has been focused in humid southern states, such as Florida and Georgia, where experts believe the faulty airbags are more greatly affected by the hot temperatures. 

Recently, however, Honda has decided to expand the recall to California after hearing of an accident in the state involving the defective airbags. It is unknown how many cars Honda will recall in California or whether other automobile manufacturers will similarly expand their recall. Nevertheless, the increasing instances of harm caused by the faulty airbags will certainly give rise to litigation. 

When an individual is harmed by a defective product in an automobile, her or she may have a product liability claim. For example, there may be a claim if the car or part was deigned poorly or is defective, as is the case with the Takata airbags.

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