Auto Accident Lawyer Paul M. da Costa Can Help You Collect Damages

Were you involved in a car accident caused the negligence of another motorist? Standing up against insurance companies and knowing how to protect your rights can be virtually impossible on your own. By securing legal representation by Paul M. da Costa and his team, you can collect the damages you need to cope with the aftermath of an accident. Your attorney and his colleagues will do whatever it takes, from start to finish, to make sure you receive the compensation you need. To speak with an attorney versed in auto accident law, contact our firm at 973-274-5200 or to set up a meeting at one of our three New Jersey offices.

What Should I Do After an Auto Accident?

You may find yourself feeling shaken and traumatized immediately after an auto accident. Others involved will likely begin asking you a wide variety of questions at the scene of the accident, which you should not answer. Because injuries may not become apparent until well after your accident, you should resist telling anyone that you are “okay,” and insist upon being seen by a doctor. If you have a camera on hand, take pictures of the accident. Do your best to gather contact information from everyone at the scene, including any witnesses. Gather insurance information from those in the other vehicle. Contact us at Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC at your earliest convenience after the accident, and remember to keep records of all of your expenses related to the accident.

Why Do I Need an Accident Attorney?

You may find it extremely difficult to receive the compensation you deserve when dealing directly with insurance companies. Rather than wasting your time with these companies, which often try to minimize payouts to claimants, hiring an accident attorney is the best step toward achieving real results. Paul M. da Costa has the legal knowledge needed to help you obtain financial coverage for your hospital bills and other expenses for which you should not be left responsible. Auto accident victims often find themselves pressured to into settling for less than they deserve, but this does not have to be your experience.

We Can Help You

Your accident attorney and his colleagues will put in the hard work required for you to achieve the results you want and deserve. We recognize this is a frustrating and trying time for you, which is why your attorney will stand by you as your advocate. He truly believes in righting wrongs forced upon his clients, and will do whatever it takes to protect your best interests.

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Were you involved in an auto accident caused by another motorist, and feeling unsure about where to turn? Are you watching the hospital bills stack up, even though the accident was not your fault? Do not try to take on the insurance companies on your own. Your accident attorney, Paul M. da Costa and his team, will fight for you. Contact us today to set up your free consultation, and we will review your auto accident case.