How To Pick The Right Nursing Home

Jan 30, 2015
Paul M. da Costa

We have previously blogged about the national nursing home rating system, Nursing Home Compare, highlighting its numerous failures.  Nursing Home Compare has noted records suggest that nearly 3,400 New Jersey nursing home residents suffer from bedsores/pressure ulcers—a condition that can potentially be life-threatening if not treated.  This number puts New Jersey tied for fifth for states with the worst bedsore problem in nursing homes.

While other research suggests New Jersey nursing homes have other problems, such as high fall rates, most data is self-reported and unreliable.  Moreover, there is little enforcement to solve any nursing home problems.  Critics argue that major reform is necessary.

Some relief, however, may come in the form of federal legislation.  In October, President Barack Obama announced plans to overhaul current nursing home legislation on the federal level to provide protection for elderly residents.  Nevertheless, more reform is still needed

If you or a loved one suffered harm in the form of bed sores, pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers, fall-down fractures or general neglect while in the care of a nursing home, you may have a nursing home malpractice claim.  To get fair compensation for your injuries, contact Paul M. da Costa, Esq. at Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC.  Call us today at 973-274-5200