Representing Victims of Misdiagnosis

Finding out that your doctor misdiagnosed you, resulting in progressive disease or preventable suffering, can cause you to feel extremely vulnerable and unsure of your rights. In many cases, if your doctor misdiagnoses you, we can help. Attorney Paul M. da Costa and his team at Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC will speak with you one-on-one, offering you the compassion you deserve. When it comes to fighting for your rights, your attorney and his colleagues will provide aggressive, compelling representation to help you collect damages in your misdiagnosis lawsuit. Contact our practice serving all of New Jersey from our Roseland, Bridgewater, and Hackensack offices. 

What Is Misdiagnosis?

When you visit the doctor, you expect an accurate diagnosis. However, in some situations, your doctor may act negligently, either providing you with the wrong diagnosis or simply failing to diagnose you. While certain medical issues will resolve on their own, a misdiagnosis of more severe conditions can lead to devastating consequences. One example is a failure to diagnose cancer. With a progressive disease, the sooner a professional detects and treats the disease, the greater the chances of overcoming it. However, misdiagnosis applies to a wide variety of scenarios.

Types of Misdiagnoses

We represent clients injured in a variety of misdiagnosis and failed diagnosis scenarios:

  • Diagnostic Error: Diagnosis error refers to causing injury by misidentifying a medical condition. This is common in emergency room settings, in which heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, meningitis, and appendicitis are frequently misdiagnosed. You need legal representation on your side to prove that there was a doctor-patient relationship, and that the doctor was negligent.  
  • Diagnostic Test Error: This type of misdiagnosis occurs as a result of faulty equipment, or because of a technician or specialist who made a mistake. In some situations, your case will be filed against a negligent party other than the doctor. 
  • Delayed Diagnosis: When a doctor fails to diagnose a problem such as cancer right away, the condition may require highly invasive treatment, the patient may experience a recurring problem, or death may occur.

How We Can Help You

Our medical malpractice team, are on your side, and realize you are going through an emotional time that may also include extreme physical discomfort. Whether a professional has tried to convince you that you have no rights, or if you are uncertain whether your misdiagnosis is worthy of compensation. Your attorney and his associates will never hesitate to go to trial. They will do what is needed to ensure you are compensated for your suffering.

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Have you, or someone you love, suffered the consequences of a misdiagnosis at the hands of a medical professional? Patients have rights and may qualify to recover damages. However, attempting to fight against the medical industry requires extensive legal knowledge and experience. Paul M. da Costa and his team are prepared to fight for your rights. Please contact Paul M. da Costa at 973-274-5200 or to set up a meeting at one of our three New Jersey offices.