Paul M. da Costa Quoted in Article, “Hundreds died at N.J. veterans homes as state was ‘unprepared to keep them safe,’ feds charge.”

Sep 07, 2023

Paul M. da Costa, Partner and Chair of Sarno da Costa D’Aniello Maceri LLC’s Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury departments, was quoted in the article, “Hundreds died at N.J. veterans homes as state was ‘unprepared to keep them safe,’ feds charge.”

Attorney Paul M. da Costa of Roseland, who represented many families whose loved ones died at Paramus and Menlo Park and received nearly $70 million state settlement, agreed the veterans homes should no longer be under the supervision of the current department.

“Some massive change needs to happen on the most expeditious timeline possible to make sure these residents are no longer at risk and get not just adequate care, but the best care,” da Costa said. “It is inexcusable to have these veterans, who gave so much to their country, to be in a situation where this investigation finds that the homes continue to be unable to implement the most basic of infection control practices and cannot provide adequate medical care. The leadership and oversight are not competent.”

The attorney said he represents 42 employees in a pending case against the state for mishandling the pandemic response and putting their lives at risk. With this report in hand verifying what his clients have told him, da Costa said he will be speaking with other families who lost loved ones.

“I think that these veterans and their families deserve so much better,” he said.

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Paul M. da Costa, Esq.