New Surgeon General Calls For E’Cigarette Regulation

Feb 05, 2015
Paul M. da Costa

We have previously blogged about the dangers associated with e-cigarettes, and specifically, about various calls for the regulation of e-cigarettes.  Recently, the newly confirmed surgeon general stated during a listening tour that the U.S. is in “desperate need of clarity” on e-cigarettes.

The surgeon general indicated that while e-cigarettes have been portrayed as helpful to those who already smoke traditional cigarettes when it comes to quitting, there is no evidence suggesting that this is the case.  Moreover, the health impact of e-cigarette use is still unclear.  Because e-cigarettes have become more popular with both adults and teens, the surgeon general pointed to the importance of clarifying the drug’s effects. 

Little research has been done on e-cigarettes and most that has been done hasn’t produced any concrete results.  Hopefully, however, the involvement of the surgeon general will spur action to regulate e-cigarettes, despite failed attempts by Congress to do so in the past.

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